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Quick Facts - Did You Know?

Updated: Jan 13

The edge of the plateau at the site of the Makushin Geothermal plant.

--Makushin Geothermal Energy Project (MGP) is a JV between the Ounalashka Corporation and Chena Power? The managing board consists of two representatives from OC and one from Chena Power.

--A typical cost for an Unalaska resident to heat their home with home heating fuel is $600/month. To address the high cost, the MGP and city of Unalaska will develop a program to replace home heating fuel with electric powered air and/or water source heat pumps. Should the program be fully implemented, it is estimated that over 23,000 tons of carbon released to the atmosphere will be eliminated by replacing 1,940,000 gallons of home heating fuel with electricity. 

--In 2019 Ounalashka Corporation bought surface and subsurface rights to 7,036 key acres of land around the Makushin geothermal resource. In addition, it owns the surface rights to the remaining land required to develop the MGP. The entire project is on private property.

--Since 2020, 13 million dollars and 5 million dollars of in kind contributions has invested by the JV for the work necessary to develop and build the power plant.

--Nearly 3 million dollars of construction equipment has been transported to the island for permitting, construction of the camp, and construction of the utility access corridor.

--Over 20,000 hours have been dedicated to creating and coordinating the design of the MGP and its construction and logistic plan.

--Over 20 investment firms, banks, private equity, development agencies, and insurance companies have been briefed on the project.  Currently we are in due diligence with four groups

--Unalaska is destined to be the fueling stop for ships transporting the Aleutian Islands.

ICCT estimates the liquid hydrogen fuel demand for transpacific ship operations is 10,000 tonnes per year for existing fleets and 260,000 tonnes per year for ocean going vessel who will divert to Unalaska for fuel.

--The 2023 cruise ship scheduled to stop in Unalaska included 22 landings featuring a variety of cruise lines, adventures and destinations.

--The International Port of Dutch Harbor (located on Unalaska) has a long history of ranking at the top of the list for the highest volume of seafood landed (23 years running). In 2021 that figure: 745 million pounds valued at $249 Million US. A raw seafood product sales tax is levied on all raw seafood product sales made in the City of Unalaska for the purpose of processing, reselling, storing, trans-shipping or consumption for profit at the rate of 2% of the primary gross sales value. 

--Unalaska sits in a key logistical position to the “North Pacific Great Circle Route” and the "Northern Sea Route” shipping lanes.



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