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October Site Visit And Ormat Introduction

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

As a result of the intent to award announcement to Ormat Technologies, corporate representatives scheduled a tour and site visit of Chena Hot Springs and Unalaska (site of the Makushin Geothermal Project).

The purpose of the working trip was to confirm relationships and understanding of logistics with sight visits, meetings and introductions establishing a baseline for the project. The group initially gathered at Chena Hot Springs to tour the integrated geothermal facility and formulate planning strategies.

The delegation traveled together to Unalaska continuing meetings with local officials, Ounalashka shareholders and utility experts, followed by site visits via vessel to the construction camp and road being built, and later a flight to the plateau on the eastern flanks of Makushin volcano chosen for the power plant site.

Below are pictures telling the story of the site visit, project progress and concrete steps being made for a 3ow geothermal power plant on Unalaska.

Paul Thomsen, Ofer Benyosef and Bernie Karl enjoying first snow of the season at Chena.

Ran Reshef, Offer Benyosef and Bernie Karl tour Chena Fresh made possible by geothermal.

Applying lessons learned for application via Makushin for food production.

Ormat Technologies executives heading to Broad Bay logistics camp.(Unalaska)

David Matthews, OCCP Program Manager and Ran Reshef, Executive VP, Ormat

Partial view of camp and logistics base for OCCP operations at Broad Bay.

Access road construction around mile 2, up the Makushin Valley.

Executive staff of OCCP, OC and Ormat at the WWII Museum in Unalaska.

Paul Thomsen, Ormat, VP North America Sales and Marketing and Ofer Benyosef, Exec VP, Energy Storage and Business Development. Backdrop, Makushin caldera

Vince Tuitiakoff, Sr., Chairman of Ounalashka Corporation welcomes Ormat executives to Unalaska harbor.

Unalaska power plant control room.

Helicopter flight to power plant location.

Makushin River at Broad Bay, OCCP's Logistical Base and Camp.

Aerial view of logistics camp.

Aerial view of OCCP logistic camp at Broad Bay.

Headwaters of Makushin River. Site for plant on plateau of the mountain to left.

Group standing at Makushin Geothermal power plant site.

Discovery well site and team to make it happen.


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