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Never Had a Bad Day: The Legend of Bernie Karl

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

"Never Had A Bad Day: The Legend of Bernie Karl" is a documentary that debuted at the Boston Film Festival last month. It features the life of Chena Power President, Bernie Karl and is being shown at select film festivals throughout the world.

A screening in Alaska is schedule for December 6th, 2021. The Anchorage film festival is offering both a virtual and an in-house showing. Tickets and details here.

Catch the description and link to the film trailer below.

Documentary Film

The film is directed by Matt Richmond and follows him as he prepares for his annual Energy Fair, a symposium that attracts political leaders, leading academics and hundreds of guests. Along the way, viewers learn how Bernie’s brothers with disabilities inspire him, how he came to live in Alaska, and how he came to his belief that literally anything is possible if you work hard enough.

Inventor, entrepreneur and imagineer Bernie Karl runs Chena Hot Springs Resort in Alaska year-round on 100% geothermal power. Some of his innovations hold promise for sustainable living, while others - like his ice museum and airplane on stilts - are just weird... or they?


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